Website of the Zoology Educational & Research Society of the University of Buea (ZERS UB) Alumni

At ZERS UB Alumni Association, our mission shapes our vision but our alumni (one-of-a-kind community) make that vision a reality. You can help us forge a new chapter. Learn how you can support our mission giving forward to the upcoming ZERSans

Alumni Associations

Alumni associations are a part of educational institutions.

As social beings, our uniqueness is determined by the bonds we create, the feelings we attach to each other and to the places we live in or frequently visit.

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Connecting people from different parts of the globe

Stay Connected

Staying connected with the place that gave you the chance to learn and discover yourself is refreshing and fulfilling no matter what. You can see the world from the outside, but your heart always stays connected to what happens inside that institution.

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Extending a helping hand to the needy

Support for Juniors

No one reaches the heights of success without the (direct or indirect) influence of those ahead. Our teachers, our seniors, and others paved the path for us to climb and eventually we reached where we are today. This means that we inherently have a responsibility to pave the way for the ones coming after us in order to sustain the cycle.

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