Executive Board

About Executive Board

The Executive Board (coordinating bureau) is tasked with leading the ZERS UB Alumni. The board members work closely together to plan, manage, and implement all activities of the Association. Elections are held after every two years and are open to all members of the Association.


Ivo Ngundu Woogeng (Ph.D.)

Kobe, Japan

Area of specialization:

Scientific Research

Secretary General

Joshua Funwi (M.Sc.)

Alberta, Canada

Area of specialization:

Land Management

Financial Secretary

Christian Bateki (Ph.D.)

Stuttgart, Germany

Area of specialization:

Agriculture and Rural Development Consultancy - Natural Resource Use in Livestock Production Systems, and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gases

Bame Victor Njodzeka


Victor Njodzeka Bame

Bamenda, Cameroon

Area of specialization:

Youth Development


Disciplinary Officer



Area of specialization:

IT Coordinator

Shaphan Yong Chia (Ph.D.)

Wageningen, Netherlands

Areas of specialization:

Scientific Research:

Agricultural Entomology, Insects for Food & Feed, Insect-Plant Interactions, Soil Health & Microbial Ecology

Web Development:

Website Design & Maintenance, etc.