Who We Are

Our History

The idea leading to the founding of ZERS UB – Alumni was very simple and humble...

Ivo (pioneer president) visited Joshua in Alberta (Canada) in May of 2019 and in the course of chatting, the duo decided to make a video conference to say hello to their fellow alumni (also referred to as ZERSans) in Canada. The video conference finally extended to ZERSans in Kenya (Chrys T. and David T.); Germany (Cletus T.) and Quebec – Canada (Theo F.).

It was such a fun-filled feeling to see and speak to each other in real-time and Ivo suggested the creation of a WhatsApp group to start up an Alumni Association.

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Our Mission

We exist to cater for the well-being of our alumni and to contribute to the development of our Alma Mater. Read more about our mission on the link below.

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Executive Board

We have a team of dedicated Executive board members who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of the Association.

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Our Reports

Do you want to know what we have achieved?

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Become a member

Membership of ZERS UB Alumni is open to every former student and/or graduate of the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation, University of Buea.

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